Welcome 2016...

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Saturday, January 09, 2016
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Welcome 2016...Lets go do it!! 


 A new year is a great time to do the things

you've been wanting to, to take steps in

the direction of your dreams & goals!  



What have you always wanted to do? What could you do to take steps in that direction?


Is it travel? - look up the destinations, cut out photos & put on what we call a dream board, its proven that if you SEE your goal, its much more likely to happen, look up prices, to set a goal... to aim at a target you have to know what your shooting for, so write it down, put it where you can see it & take steps towards it... Dont say I can't, instead say "HOW CAN I?" skip eating out, or buying coffee, or any number of things, you CAN do it, its just a matter of time.... maybe you can save for it in 6 months or a year.... but you can... think that way & watch your world open up! 


Do you want to learn to use your camera better & get the photos you want from it? Sign up for my class! (Selfless plug) seriously I have in person classes, which is a fun hands on class with your camera. Click Here for more info.

I also have online learning available, where you get a monthly email, with info, tips, assignments to keep you learning, sometimes videos & more. Many like that after they take the hands on class & others that live far away just start with that one. You can always buy a book & work through it, but I love the personal touch of learning by doing & seeing.

Whatever you choose, take steps to make it happen & allow the time to play each week with your camera!  


I'm excited to welcome in a new year here at Reese Ranch! I just bought a new lens, to capture even more of Gods beautiful creations! I will be doing a lot more Creative & Art photographing this year, & offering it up for sale, I will be traveling more to create art & incorporating it into my other travel ventures as well.  I’ll have some limited editions, possibly an art show as well! I have requests often for art in homes, offices & creative spaces, so I'm going to have fun creating & organize my art so people who want to can view it and purchase as well. I will be taking classes as well, throughout the year to continually keep that creative edge & passion!



Whatever your looking for, 2016 has got it for you! Simple reach for it, set a goal, & take steps daily to get there! 






Catherine Reese

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