Tuesday, May 03, 2016
By Catherine Reese
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Hey friends I’m going to share a little about me over the next few days....

its part of a challenge, so if ya wanna know a little more about what makes me tick... join me... It might actually be a little bit of self discovery also! (look out)

Let me start by saying I believe WE ALL HAVE GIFTS.. already inside of us, put there by God, he knows how amazing we are, our job is to find our gifts & use them to bless others... Have you found yours?

As a Photographer for 25 years, I have discovered a few of my gifts...

PHOTOGRAPHING- My Gifts help my tribe get images that touch their heart, cause they are real.

----->I love people & connecting with them, learning their story, not all stories are happy & perfect, but they are real & I honor that.

TEACHING- My Gifts help my tribe Rock Their Photos!!

-----> it is an absolute PASSION to teach others how to get the results they want with their camera.... moms that want to take awesome pictures of their kids, document the mile stones & actually get back to having actual printed photos (remember those...?)

---> My Gifts help my tribe simplify the photo taking process & capture all the awesome moments they experience with their family & know what to do with them after they take them.

Why it Matters...

A few months ago their was a catastrophic fire in our county, 1000’s lost their homes, many lost their animals, they didn’t have time, they were lucky to get out with their life...

the stories of survival were heart wrenching... at our ranch we took in 3 families & many animals.

After being with us a couple days 1 of the families little girl was turning 12, I said, “Its your birthday?... then we are throwing you a Party!” so that we did, by the next night, her birthday, we had balloons, cake, a couple friends, a bounce house (I know the owner..) you wanna know what they did for part of that fun evening, the 3 young girls sat at the kitchen table & looked through photo albums that 1 of the families had time to save... their was joy, but sadness too, the other 2 families looking at the photos, had lost every one... no photos, no history, no visual reminders of the stories of their lives...

I still get choked up as I write this... everything they went through & are still going through.

Why do I tell you this...?

Cause when the unthinkable happens... its all just stuff, except our family, our pets & our photos, & those kids found joy in looking through photos, we all do, at all ages, printed photos unite us, bridge the generations & tell our story....

So when I use my gift to help my tribe....

they will not only know how to take photos, print photos & also safely store photos, so even if the worst were to happen, they would still have the memories & joy of being able to reprint cause they are safe.

Saturday, January 09, 2016
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Welcome 2016...Lets go do it!! 


 A new year is a great time to do the things

you've been wanting to, to take steps in

the direction of your dreams & goals!  



What have you always wanted to do? What could you do to take steps in that direction?


Is it travel? - look up the destinations, cut out photos & put on what we call a dream board, its proven that if you SEE your goal, its much more likely to happen, look up prices, to set a goal... to aim at a target you have to know what your shooting for, so write it down, put it where you can see it & take steps towards it... Dont say I can't, instead say "HOW CAN I?" skip eating out, or buying coffee, or any number of things, you CAN do it, its just a matter of time.... maybe you can save for it in 6 months or a year.... but you can... think that way & watch your world open up! 


Do you want to learn to use your camera better & get the photos you want from it? Sign up for my class! (Selfless plug) seriously I have in person classes, which is a fun hands on class with your camera. Click Here for more info.

I also have online learning available, where you get a monthly email, with info, tips, assignments to keep you learning, sometimes videos & more. Many like that after they take the hands on class & others that live far away just start with that one. You can always buy a book & work through it, but I love the personal touch of learning by doing & seeing.

Whatever you choose, take steps to make it happen & allow the time to play each week with your camera!  


I'm excited to welcome in a new year here at Reese Ranch! I just bought a new lens, to capture even more of Gods beautiful creations! I will be doing a lot more Creative & Art photographing this year, & offering it up for sale, I will be traveling more to create art & incorporating it into my other travel ventures as well.  I’ll have some limited editions, possibly an art show as well! I have requests often for art in homes, offices & creative spaces, so I'm going to have fun creating & organize my art so people who want to can view it and purchase as well. I will be taking classes as well, throughout the year to continually keep that creative edge & passion!



Whatever your looking for, 2016 has got it for you! Simple reach for it, set a goal, & take steps daily to get there! 






Catherine Reese